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    Error processing CFX custom tag "CFX_iMSMail".

      I am testing a CF application and this is the error I get., when I am trying to 'register for a certain event'.

      Error processing CFX custom tag "CFX_iMSMail".

      'The CFX custom tag "CFX_iMSMail" was not found in the custom tag database. Please be sure to add custom tags to the database before using them. If you have added your tag to the database then you should check the spelling of the tag within your template to insure that it matches the database entry.' Text

      The following are the lines of code in one of my cf pages that seem to be responsible for causing the error.
      486 : spooldir="#application.mailPath#/Out/"
      487 : priority="0"
      488 : smtpfrom="#listPart.contactEmail#"
      489 : header_from="#Trim(listPart.contactName)# <#Trim(listPart.contactEmail)#>"

      Is there any fix for the CFX custom tag problem or is there anything I am missing. I am using CF 7.0 on Windows XP

      thanks in advance