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    Two versions of LR, two different folders lists

    Itotonbo Studios

      Hi all,


      I just discovered this problem and I would like to make sure I fix it the best way possible. I have two versions of LR on my computer, and the older version has the most current folder list in it. The older version was backed up earlier today with all of the folders and photos as I expect them to be. The new version wanted to be backed up, but since I couldn't see what I thought I should see, I told it to skip this time.


      If I open today's correct catalog backup file in the new LR, will my folders show up? I think so, but I messed this up by making assumptions, so I'm checking first. And is there anything I need to do to make sure the correct folders list is the 'real' catalog version from now on? Can I simply let the new version, with the corrected catalog/folder list, do a backup, use the new version from here on, and be fine? I'm pretty sure that will work, I'm just nervous now.



      For the curious, here's how I think this happened and how I noticed it, since this info might help others.


      Earlier today, I wanted to use the dehaze function in the new LR. I have CC, but I couldn't see the dehaze slider in Effects. Hmmm... I'd updated a few weeks ago and the CC list didn't think an update was available; neither did LR itself even though it was LR 5.7. After reading more, I saw that some people logged out of CC, logged back in, and found the slider. Excellent. I did that, opening LR using the CC list. Nifty, dehaze appeared. But wait... where's the picture I wanted to edit, the one I took just this past week? Wait, where's the wedding I did a couple weeks back, along with all the other recent photos? I'm not completely panicked, since I knew they were on my drive still, my pictures were just missing inside of LR. So I ended up logging out of LR, clicking on my taskbar to open LR, and I saw my folders. Whew. I selected the picture I wanted to edit, went to Effects... dehaze wasn't there. That's when I went into the Windows Start menu list and noticed I have two LRs.


      I suspect this happened because I'm a newish Windows 8 user and didn't clue in that the LR icon on my Taskbar wouldn't be updated when I updated the program. Lesson learned. Update the program, update the Taskbar. I was importing my photos into the LR 5.7 version when I thought I was using the LR 2015.1 version. Only slightly bothersome bit to me still is that I am pretty sure I told CC to remove the old program a few weeks back when I updated. I'm assuming I didn't, or that Windows 8 didn't let CC remove LR, or something along those lines. I know now, and I'll watch for this type of thing in the future.


      Thanks for your help.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR 5 and LR 6/CC have separate catalogs.  Importing into one doesn’t affect the other.  You can open a LR 5 catalog in LR 6/CC and it’ll make a copy and convert that copy to LR 6/CC format, but you cannot open a LR 6 catalog in LR 5.


          It sounds like you imported things in to LR 5 after installing LR 6/CC without realizing it and now you want all those new folders to also be in LR 6/CC’s catalog, right?


          First of all you need to determine exactly which folders are in LR 5 but not in LR 6. 


          Then go to LR 5, highlight all those folders, and use File / Export as Catalog to create a new little catalog with the settings of just those folders and their photos.  In the options at the bottom when you’re naming the catalog, don’t put a checkbox in any of the four items—you don’t need to export digital negatives or build previews or smart previews.  Name that catalog something that makes sense for what it contains, the small subset of photos not in LR 6, yet.


          Now go to LR 6 and use File / Open Catalog and point to that little catalog you made in LR 5.  LR 6 will ask to convert it and let it.


          Now, still in LR 6, use File / Open Catalog (or Open Recent) and select your main LR 6 catalog, the one that is missing some of the folders, and then with that main catalog open, use File / Import From Another Catalog to add the missing folders to LR 6.  You may get a question about what to do if a photo is in both catalogs.  If you’ve exported only the photos missing in LR 6 from LR 5 then there shouldn’t be a problem.  Otherwise, you might have to decide whether to replace LR 6’s settings with LR 5’s or ignore LR 5’s settings.  Depending on how important these photos are (are they work a wedding photoshoot or just personal photos) you might have to redo some of your edits if you’ve worked on the same photo in both LR 5 and LR 6.

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            Itotonbo Studios Level 1

            Thanks for such a quick response. I am glad I can import only the missing folders rather than the entire catalog. I don't recognize the new loading screen for the new LR, so I suspect I've not used it since I installed it. Feeling silly, but at least it's a simple process. I really appreciate your help.