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    Serial Number

      Any help on how to get rid of the following annoying bug would be much appreciated...

      A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to see a window appear just after I started up Fireworks saying that there was a problem with my serial number. I entered it all over again, but it still insisted there was a problem. I found, however, that I could carry on as usual just by hitting the Cancel button. Sure enough, once the program loads, there's the serial number listed in the About Fireworks box. As I noticed the same error happening with Dreamweaver (they were bought together as part of the Studio suite) I then contacted Customer Service who assured me that there wasn't a problem with my serial number or my registration.

      It's a minor bug, but annoying all the same. I have a feeling I can make it disappear if I reinstall the studio suite but I'd rather not go through all that if there was a simpler way of doing it. Has anyone else come across this bug before and if so, is there a fix for it?