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    Ways to stop or smooth out pixelation? (for assessment due today: please help!!!)


      I have imported a painting into Aftreffects. I then created a mask on the painting in the shape of a leaf and animated the masks path using key frames.

      I realised that the painting is very pixelated. The painted image is very scaled up, however when I try to reduce the size, the mask size is also reduced and the key frame path is changed.

      I have already selected continually rasterise- to no avail.


      Is there anyway to stop this pixilation, reduce it or smooth it out, with an effect or otherwise?

      I am a beginner so please use simple instructions and thank you so much for answering!






      (I also tried using alpha matte channels- to import a new painting to put underneath the mask- however I couldn't figure out how to copy over the exact key frames so that the new alpha layer would move with the mask.)