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    Changing the textInput portion of a comboBox

    xyz88888 Level 1
      I've read through many of the postings about the comboBox, in addition to the help files and livedocs, but have not found a solution to my problem. I have a SWF with multiple comboBoxes on it. Based on certain conditions I need to change the background color of the collapsed comboBox of a specific instance (so global style changes are out). According to the documentation, that part of the comboBox is of type textInput. But I haven't been able to figure out a way to target that on a given instance. If I set the background color of the whole comboBox, then both the textInput part AND the dropdown list background are affected. No good. I've seen other postings reference the dropdownList like so:

      comboBox_instance.dropdownList.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0xffffff);

      Does anybody know how to do something similar with only the textInput part of the comboBox? Thank you in advance.

      - DK