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    Why doesn't LR 6 have the same feature set as LR CC?


      Both are the latest 2015 versions of Lightroom, and I am bummed to find that LR 6 gets less features than CC. Is this Adobe's way of penalizing folks who don't want to join the subscription-based model?  I just learned that there is a dehaze slider in the effects panel of CC but not LR 6. What other features am I missing?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's really the only one. Adobe for some reason has decided to only update the standalone version with new camera support and bug fixes but not to add new features. There are some legal reasons they cite for this but IANAL. With the CC version they can add new versions every update. You can still use dehaze in the standalone version by the way using some presets that are floating around the internet and this forum. The effect is very gimmicky by the way and the only time i have found it useful is in starry night shots where it does clear up the sky if you have lots of light pollution. Even there it tends to halo terribly around foreground elements so I have never actually used it for a published image.