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    Security settings for FMS

    DazFaz Level 1
      Hi Guys and Girls,

      Im having a bit of a problem creating a stand alone cam exe projector that talks to my remote media server which in turn talks to a browser cam swf.

      All the browser based swf work fine but for some reason when I try and create a standalone exe projector it fails to connect to the media server.

      Has anyone any ideas of where to start to look for the problem.

      Ive alowed all permissions on my local firewall too.

      Im guessing that its a sand box problem with security issues but Im buggered if I can find where to start.

      Iva already posted this into the Flash Media Server area of this site but Im not having much luck there. Someone has stated that this cannot be done but I dont believe that so much. Thought I would try here too.

      Thanks in advance.