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    FPS not realtime - cant get around the issue


      Hi there,


      I've just started using After Effects CC so forgive me, but every time I attempt to edit a clip i import into the program it always plays at around 6 fps when it should be at 30. I've tried forcing the program to play at the frame rate, yet no matter how many times i try and run the RAM preview, it doesnt completely render the clip but instead only managed a random few seconds and plays at 60 fps? In addition, I get no sound at all


      I know that premiere pro is for the complete final edit, but I would like to do some colour correcting since i have After Effects, but at present the program is impossible to use not being able to view the videos at any given capacity. I have a macbook pro with 4 gigs of RAM which I feel is enough for the short clips i am trying to edit.


      Sorry if this is a common question but no faqs online seem to help!