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    Damaged LR catalog - urgent, need help!




      I had to move from one iMac to another one and copied all my files including the LR catalog. Thereafter I checked, that everything is working properly und made a backup (unfortunately using time machine only). After that, I doublechecked it all again and then, finally sold the old iMac.

      The next morning I was unable to open my LR catalog and received the following message:


      "Unexpected error opening catalog.

      The catalog could not be opened due to an unexpected error."


      Next step was to restore the catalog from time machine (it was in working order one day before) and finally I got the same failure again.


      - No .lock file in the folder.

      - Cannot open catalog on other systems.

      - reinstalled LR from the cloud

      - used mac os harddisk tool to repair rights

      - able to open other catalogs and to create a new one

      - opened LR with cmd+shift and then got the chance to click "repair" but it did not work (error after one second).


      Normally I have at least two backups of my important files but just today I don´t - please don´t twist the knife on that :-(


      Anyone out there with ideas / help / knowledge (only very few here,  just a user)??

      Thank You very much!!