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    4 RAIDed SAS drives vs. 1 SSD


      Hi folks. I'd appreciate some opinions, advice, and information.


      My brother in law is sending me a workstation with an I7 processor, 8GBs of RAM, a 1 terabyte drive, and (allegedly) a very powerful video card. I may upgrade to 16GB or RAM - not sure yet. I intend to use the system to edit 720 and 1080 AVCHD footage. At this time, I'm not interested in 2K or 4K.


      It seems clear to me that the storage will be the bottleneck. I have on hand two 146GB 15K SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) Cheetahs and I can buy two more for very little scratch. I have a RAID card that I think will work. So I could have four 15K SAS drives raided together, giving me just under 600GB for my projects. I could keep the 1TB SATA for the OS and software. There would also be a large external drive for long term storage.


      How would all of this compare in speed to, say, two 256GB SSDs? One would be for my projects and and the other for OS and software. I'd also have the aforementioned external drive.


      (For the sake of discussion, we'll assume that the SSDs will offer sufficient space.)


      All responses welcome.