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    Im begging for help....

      Its almost 4am here and Ive got to get this thing out tomorrow evening.. i'm running on 3/ 4 hours of sleep each night for more than a week - so any help on this would be greatly appreciated, for this is the last thing i need to do and my brain is just gone at the moment for trying to figure what im hoping will be simple.

      I want to highlight an object once it has been rolled over with the cursor. Either highlight it, change the color, whatever can make the object noticed! This alone would help me finish... to get greedy id like to add a camera change when selecting the object.

      At one time, or another ive probably gotten both of these to work, but like i said my brain is of no use and im hoping someone might be so kind to help me in my final moments of completion! Additionally, Im a 3D guru - not director/lingo... so small words and lots of chrome libs are great! =)
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          You should check out on Google or the docs...


          to tell which model is beneath the mouse pointer, then adjust the ambient or
          emissive value of the main shaders( or just blend the shader in or out, or
          enlarge the scale of the object to highlight it), beware if the 3D sprite is
          offset from the movie edge though, as this can offset the result you might

          Good luck

          Richard Smith