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    adobe draw lag time

    Byron Spates

      Im working in adobe draw and ever since there last update I have been experiencing bad lag time. Is anybody else having this problem and is there a simple soultion to this besides not using the program again

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          Frank Stokes-Guinan Adobe Employee

          Can you provide more details on where you are seeing the lag? Is it on launch, while navigating between projects, while drawing or switching layers, etc.? We're currently not aware of any specific issues around lag time in the most recent update.




          Draw Engineering

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            Byron Spates Level 1

            First off thank you for responding. I'm receiving the lag time while drawing the stylus will be moving and nothing will appear maybe between 5 to 10 seconds later then a straight line will appear even if I'm drawing a free hand curve a straight line will appear

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              I back you up on that Byron.  I have been hesitant in complaining, and waiting for the next update to see if it changes, but the last update still get the same issue.  I also wait out of respect to Adobe, they are gods that have helped me be the artist and designer I am today!!


              I am a pointillist, and build images out of thousands of circles and dots.  Thanks to Adobe I can now build the in vector to print them at any size imaginable.  But due to this lag in drawing, it gets very frustrating.  I figured it could be the file size, as it does get worse as it gets bigger, so I save off pieces of the whole, then stitch it all together in Illustrator on my Mac.  I figure that may always be necessary, because I do accumulate a lot of vectors, but I now have to do it more often because of this.  This was not an issue until a version or two ago.  Please help us Adobe!!  I don't want to try another drawing app!  Sample of my work below: