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    Premiere Problems Apparently Related to GPU

    barker85 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have been having a lot of problems with Premiere for a while - currently it is failing to export sequences of a project (it either "finishes" the export and the file is incomplete or Premiere crashes). This particular problem is fairly recent.


      When dealing with tech support and running tests I have been advised to replace my GPU, due to .dll errors in the event viewer.


      This happened previously and I RMA'd my GPU on Adobe's recommendation, so I am already using a replacement. I find it hard to believe I have been sent two faulty high-end GPUs by a major supplier. When conveying that I was advised by adobe support that I need to have my system checked, as it could be related to the system but the machine is a self-build so I can't do this outside of I suppose hiring someone to do it, which would certainly be a last resort. Could any of my major components be causing this?


      I was also advised to heed the advice on still images:

      • For best results, create files with a frame size at least as large as the frame size of the project so that you don’t have to scale up the image in Premiere Pro. Scaling an image larger than its original size can cause loss of sharpness. If you plan to scale up an image, prepare it at a larger frame size than the project’s. For example, if you plan to scale up an image 200%, prepare the image at double the project frame size before you import it.

      I had no problems exporting previously and it is a complex project - do I really need to re-size all of my stills outside of Premiere?


      Any thoughts are greatly appreciated...