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    downloading pictures in browser when saving to lightroom mobile

    Spiketrain Level 1

      Don't understand this... so even a little help will be very appreciated.


      So, in LR I create a collection and get it syncing in LR Mobile. I make the gallery public and then I can share the link. This is SO good.


      My clients can see the images online - happy days! - but downloading them appears to be disabled - there is no right click and "save image as" - it only allows saving as webpage. Not so happy.


      Obviously, they can see the images, add comments etc and even (of course) just screenshot them.... but I want to be able to allow downloading - individual and perhaps even whole collections within browser. So Mac & PC  - and IE, Chrome, Safari, FIrefox etc. Be handy to choose filesize options etc.


      Not only can I not find how to do this, there are also remarkably no threads around discussing it..... so I'm double confused. If Adobe deliberately disables downloading, it seems silly and counter intuitive that the user of LR Mobile can't over-ride this simple option - especially as they are my images in the first place.


      If a client is not prepared to screenshot, then, once viewed online, they then have to contact me to say which ones they want me to send them..... not the best way to operate surely!