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    Barcode Automation with DataMerge


      Hi Everyone


      I am wondering if you could help me out. I have an excel sheet with around 20 columns with various bits of data, Name, Colour, Barcode etc.


      Everything works perfectly and I have set-up everything I need to apart from the barcode, what is the best way to convert the barcode numbers from Excel automatically into a working barcode within InDesign (if this is even possible)


      The barcodes I am working with are EAN13, I don't mind purchasing software to do this but the ones I have tested don't quite work how I would like them.


      So it is clear the EAN13 Barcodes in Excel are listed as numbers 1234567890000 like this and I would like them to be automatically converted into a working barcode within in InDesign, so then I can export to PDF for print.


      Thanks in advance.