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    Importing photos without keywords: the photos have no keywords, but the keywords are nonetheless added to Keyword List


      In Lr5.7 on PC, when I import photos with a Metadata preset that has 'Keywords' checked and the keyword box left blank ('Type keywords to add, leave blank to clear'), the photos are imported without any keywords attached to the photos, which is the behaviour I want. 


      However, the keywords are still added to the Keyword List in Lightroom, which is not a logical behaviour and is not wanted. 


      I can go to 'Metadata / Purge Unused keywords' to remove the imported keywords, but this also removes keywords that I have previously added but not yet used and want to keep.


      This looks like a bug.  Is there a solution to this?


      (Sorry to post this in this forum - I can't see where to report bugs direct to the Adobe LR team.)