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    InDesign CC 2015 Windows possible memory leak?

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      Hello, since the upgrade to InDesign 11 (CC 2015 release) I have been noticing that over time, within a session, InDesign halts and stops responding for longer and longer intervals, sometimes as long as 2 minutes. Quitting and restarting InDesign periodically (after every half hour) mitigates this problem.


      The halting is noticed when typing (keystrokes stop being recorded for a period of time) as well as when shutting down InDesign (it sometimes takes as long as 2 minutes for InDesign to quit). Again, these halts increase in duration over the course of a session, starting with a barely noticeable delay between keystrokes, increasing to intolerable interruptions to normal operation.


      This is happening on Windows 7 x64.


      Sounds like a memory leak to me. If a dev wants to reach out to me and guide me through more analytics, I can try to find the time. Otherwise, point me to your bug tracking software for InDesign and I'll log the bug.