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    PSE video and audio go out of sync on finished product


      A very odd problem has come up.  I have a PRE project that plays perfectly within the program itself, but when I output the project the video and audio start in sync but go out of sync at the first place where video/audio clips are spliced together.  To be specific, I have an mp4 audio file (.m4a) synced with a .mov file.  At the first break where I have spliced together m4a to m4a and .mov to .mov the project is in sync when I play it in the PRE video window.  But when I output the project, the video and audio go out of sync at that first break.  Additional facts:


      • PC, 8GB RAM, W7, all updates installed.
      • Using the same .prel file a month ago, this worked fine.  (I was trying to make extra DVDs of this project when the problem came up.) The only thing related to video that changed on my machine was a new version of GoPro Studio.  Just in case, I uninstalled that from my computer and the PRE problem is still there.  Could GoPro have left something behind that's messing things up?
      • This happens independent of the output format - DVD, mp4, etc.
      • If I insert one blank frame at the splice point then the video/audio stay in sync until the next splice point, when it goes out of sync again.
      • This happened first in PRE9, but I also have PRE13 (which reads PRE9 files) and the problem happens there too, identically.


      I'm totally stumped, especially because this same project file produced perfectly synced DVDs in the past.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Checking your prior threads, you appear to be working with a Mac computer, and your threads appear to relate to Photoshop Elements which is often abbreviated PSE. In your thread title here today, you are pointing to PSE video. Is that a typing error? For now I will assume that you are working on Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Mac.


          Have you opened the project file and expanded the Expert workspace Timeline so that you could inspect its content especially where you are putting these video and audio clips together?


          Not 100% on Mac detail...but I believe if you hold down the Ctrl key of the computer keyboard and tap the right or left arrow key, you can nudge the selected audio 1 frame. For Windows, it is Alt and arrow keys for 1 frame/tap nudge and Shift+Alt and arrow keys for 5 frames nudge/tap. But, if you are not having the problem before burn to, then the usefulness of this nudging is questionable in your case.


          The it worked before but not now aspect of this is also puzzling. Did you change brand and/or type of DVD disc between Before and After?


          Please consider, then we will think about this some more.


          Thank you.



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            R.H.L. Level 1

            I'm sorry that my title created confusion.  The problem is with Premiere Elements.  To reiterate, this is on a PC (I do have problems with Photoshop Elements on a Mac, but that's covered elsewhere).  It happens with both PRE 9 and PRE 13 on the PC.  It doesn't matter what output mode I choose (DVD, computer file), so it doesn't matter if I've changed disk brands (I haven't).  And it didn't do this a month ago.  I do want to be able to put edited video/audio clips together so I can have decent transitions.  I know how to separate clips by a frame, but that's not an acceptable work-around, especially when it worked before.


            Thank you for your interest in this problem.

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              R.H.L. Level 1

              And I have rebooted the PC and had no other applications running and the behavior remains. I just don't know enough about how video/audio is rendered and encoded to diagnose this any further.  The problem obviously occurs before the DVD is written because it also happens if I write the output to a file


              Is there some system-wide program that PRE uses to render or encode the video/audio stream?  Could such a program have changed or become corrupted?  Remember, I did have a update to GoPro Studio that I installed, but I then uninstalled the entire GoPro program (but it didn't help the problem).  Maybe GoPro installed something that wasn't removed when I uninstalled it.


              Any expert help will be appreciated.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the additional details of your issue.


                The whole complexion of the matter goes to whether or not this problem is confined to one particular project file.


                The following is what I am reading from what you wrote...


                You say that your audio out of sync for the export of this one project file is present for both Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 and Premiere Elements 13/13.1.

                These programs do not appear to share/use the same built in export programing. And, you further say that there is this audio out of sync whether burn to disc or export to file from either of these versions at this time. Is that correct?


                Even though the problem is not manifesting itself before export, what has been described above points to the project file. Have you changed anything in the project settings or export settings of this project file since good time versus bad time - transitions placements, files snap, bitrates? And, you are saying that very detailed look at the Timeline content of this one project revealed no changes from before and now after? You write

                Could such a program have changed or become corrupted?

                Based on what I have just written, the project file could have become corrupted, but....


                If you want to look at this as a program corruption, then you might have to take in uninstall, cleaner, reinstall for both 9.0/9.0.1 and 13 to rule out that idea and replace any missing exporting program files. But, again, are we dealing with one project or all your projects having this issue.


                Please consider.


                Thank you.



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                  R.H.L. Level 1

                  Your suspicion was correct.  I had been doing all my investigations of the problem on copies of the project file that showed the problem.  At your suggestion, I went back to an earlier version (before I had made the final edits on this project).  That file worked fine - the output was in sync for the entire 1.25 hours of the project.  So I re-made the final edits using that file as a base and all is well now.


                  I do understand why a file can get corrupted.  But it seems odd that the corruption would allow the file to play properly in the preview window and only effect the output files or DVDs.  However, that does seem to be what happened.


                  Thank you for helping solve this problem.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Wonderful news. Great job staying with the troubleshooting and tracing back in the workflow details to gain success.


                    The label corrupt file is a catch all for many possible issues and often the why is not obvious. We settle for the fix.

                    Some times the answers for the whys are delayed in coming and are found moving forward.


                    As your schedule permits, please let us know if any further developments.


                    Best wishes