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    Adobe Digital Reader 4.0 doesn't work after a successfully installation. (Adobe Digital Editions has encountered a problem and needs to close.) Help !

    Frozen Unicorn

      Dear Sir or Madam
      For reading copy secured DRM data and Epub data from online library on my computer I installed Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.
      But a few seconds after the installation was successfully and it finished a message box appeared with the message: “
      Adobe Digital Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close” This message box appears every time when I tried to start Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.
      I reinstalled the program a few times but the program is still not working. Help! I want so much reading ebooks. What should I do.

      Technical Information:
      I got a PC with Windows XP on it and Windows Servicepack 3.  I got Avast Free Antivirus for detecting spyware. And Zone Alarm and CC Cleaner as security tools too. My Internet Browser is Mozilla Firefox.


      Yours sincerely