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    Export cannot be completed- Saved on Mac use CS5.5, exported using PC CS6




      I have a file that is being worked on in CS5.5 on MAC (OS Yosemite), while also being worked on in CS6 on a PC (windows 7 professional). The issues that I'm having is when I attempt to export a file using CS6, that has been saved and worked on in CS5, I am not able to export to High Quality Print. The error I receive is vague and says, "export cannot be completed". The document is 31 pages and the error always occurs on page 29. I have un-grouped images and have been able to export using, PDF/x-1a:2001. Also, I'm able to export using High Quality Print when the document has only been worked on using my version of InDesign.


      Any information or solution will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!