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    Designing XML within InDesign for upload to a database


      Good day all,

      I am relatively new to InDesign and XML. I am slowly working through a solution to export my InDesign content as XML and upload it to a Content Management System's Content Database. The content database already has a predefined XML structure for certain elements, which I am trying to follow strictly within InDesign so that the export from InDesign and import into the database will be seamless.

      I want to be able to create the entire XML structure within InDesign (Including the content between the tags), but that is where I run into my current issue. I can create the structure using tags just fine, but the content in some of these attributes are not supposed to show on an InDesign page, just in the database, and I don't see an option to create a "Unplaced Text Element" under one of my "value elements.

      Example from structure:

      item name="CONTENT_ID"

      value EnrollmentIntroTxt /value


      How do I get the text to show up within the value tags without tagging a text frame on the indesign document? Ideally, I could just type this in.