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    Tables, boxes, text and footnotes

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a project in InDesign. It is about laws, regulations etc and it is full of Footnotes. So far no problem. The author wants some parts of the text to be marked in some blue boxes. Therefore I have three options (at least three I know):


      1. To put those parts of text in tables (fill with blue and 1pt black border)

      2. To shrink the main text box down to the last line before the text is set on a blue background, then clicking on the right down corner of that text frame to create a new frame (linked to the above one) and apply blue background, interior margins and border.

      3. To create a text box having blue fill and 1 pt black border, place the text inside and put that box as inline object in InDesign.


      In any of those cases I can easily work with styles so will not be much of a problem. BUT.


      a. If I am using option 1 the footnotes will be "stripped" (have no idea what it means, but I think they are deleted or moved at the end of the document). Not a good idea as doing that I lost 2 footnotes of 356 footnotes. Lucky me I noticed that in time.


      b. If I select option two then I end up having to text boxes on same page with two footnotes series.


      c. If I am choosing option three no matter what I try the footnotes will be split between those two frames.


      Therefore I tried another approach. I simply draw an object having blue fill and border and put it behind the selected text. If I am anchoring that box to the text so it moves with the text the box comes above the text. Same happens if I put the box on another layer. Once linked to a paragraph it comes up in the same layer and above the text.


      So I made the most stupid thing ever that I usually hate and left those boxes un-anchored to any part of the text. The bad idea if the text will flow up and down the boxes will stay were they are now.


      Are there other solutions that I might use and make a clean and a professional project?


      thank you for your time and effort.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What version of ID are you using?


          CC 2015 has a new paragraph shading feature that might be ideal for this, except for the black stroke. In any version, I think you might be able to make this work by adding a blank paragraph before the one that needs the shading, then anchor your blue box as an inline (not custom) in that. Drag it downward and it should move behind the following text. I'd create a paragraph style for these blank paragraphs that includes a keep with next 1 line Keep Option, and another style for the shaded paragraphs to keep all lines together. In some versions of ID you can eliminate the first keep option and add a second one, Keep wit Previous 1 line, to the style for the shaded paragraph.

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            sebdea Level 1

            It worked. However I found this solution very complicated. Instead of so many settings I think Adobe might think in the future for a solution to link/continue footnotes in a story even if text flows in separate frames or tables.


            Thank you so much for your support.