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    Updating Filmloop members

      I am trying to update some checkboxes I have included in a filmloop -- This issue, the user checks/unchecks the checkboxes (outside of the filmloop) adjacent to some questions -- then the next screen shows the checkboxes, questions and now added answers (with lengthy text) that I need to scroll on-screen. I am currently moving the locV of multiple sprites to scroll and this is working, however I would like to scroll a single sprite (filmloop) -- however when I go to the next frame where the checkboxes are contained with the filmloop they are not updated?? Also the OSControl Xtra I was looking at using default behaviors only allow you to select a single sprite (which would be the filmloop) -- I am on a very tight timeline so was looking for the quickest route.... Thank you in advance.
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          You would probably want the film loop to be an uninterupted sprite run,
          insert key frames where the scroll needs to happen.

          A general observation:

          If you use a linked director movie member, in place of the film loop,
          you get a more intelligent sprite which can run a script that might
          restore the check box state, that is perhaps stored in global when the
          checkbox was previously clicked.

          The film loop would have to be replaced by a self contained external
          director movie that is imported to the main movie as a linked file.
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            James Newton, ACP Level 3
            If you are using the scrollbar provided by the OSControl Xtra, you can scroll any number of sprites. You can download a set of demo movies from the OSControl website; look at the the ScrollGrid movie, and in particular the Vertical Grid Scroll behavior.

            You do not need to put the checkboxes inside a film loop.