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    Lightroom Photoshop integration


      My first post here. I have been using Lightroom and Photoshop for a while so I do know a little bit. Having said that I am pretty stuck at the moment and hope someone can offer some advice.


      I am a fairly busy commercial photographer working with three different cameras from a 80 MP Leaf Aptus 12R to a Fuji mirrorless. I generate a lot of images and do my own retouching. A lot of my work is for catalogues. Workflow is crucial because I shoot literally thousands of final images a year. Most images are deepetched, and there the trouble begins.


      My preferred workflow is capture tethered to a laptop and once shoot is done convert all images to dng. Basic tonality and colour is done on the shoot using a calibrated NEC monitor. Cameras are profiled of course. DNG files are imported into LR in my commercial catalogue using a collection per client and a key word for that client as well as a job identifier giving the job number. I mention all this to explain how central LR has become in my workflow.



      Once imported I head to the develop module to make adjustments to colour and tonality using a lot of the LR tools and many presets to help with productivity. Then I hit command e to edit the image in PS. Images are deep etched using the pen tool. Cropped and straightened using an action to keep things uniform. Blacks are desaturated and dust specks are removed. Product photography attracts a lot of dust and it is much better handled in PS. Then save and the image is back in my LR library in a stack with the original dng.


      Thats my workflow. Now for the problems. If I make any changes at all to the image once I return to LR then the path falls off when I reopen the image. This makes me batty as I am forced when exporting the file to only export it as original or the path is gone. If I even put a colour label or rating on the file then export as a tiff PS will only open the tiff via ACR and that strips the path out once again. Even if I add a colour label and then remove it the tiff exported as original from in LR will cause the file to open in ACR when trying to open it in PS and once again no path. Surely this is not correct. It seems LR is tagging the image in some way forcing PS to open the file via ACR And so strips out the path. I am unable to use and export presets other than as original or the path goes. Not all my clients want 240mb files of their hair clips and it would be great if I could export all the various file sizes anf types needed by my clients from within LR. It's so much easier than visiting PS and running an action as my various jobs no longer live in neat little folders that I can point a batch action at.


      This workflow is not optimum. If a client requests a change I am  unable to simply make a quick adjustment In LR and export the new file as I will lose the path. Basically not being able to retain a path in LR forces me to jump through all sorts of hoops to be able to produce the product my clients require. Some clients require a jpg and the only way to do this is to export the required images to a temp folder that I will then run a action on in PS. It would be far simpler to use an export preset in LR but again, I lose the path. My design clients working in Indesign want a path.


      If LR is able to cope with a layered PSD with such esoteric features as a smart object that can display all your snapshots how can I be having such trouble with a simple clipping path? Have I set up my preferences incorrectly perhaps? If not is there any way, a plug in or something perhaps, that would allow me to support paths from within LR? Is the lack of support for paths an indication that they will not be the preferred method for the future?


      A fresh perspective would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.