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    Downloading multiple FLVs

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      I need to progressivly stream two FLVs on a single page. I've built a
      little player with the FLVPlayback component that I can hit via javascript
      to get it to start loading a file (the FLVs are big). Problem is, in
      firefox, that only the first FLV begins to download, there is a huge wait
      before the second one begins to download. This doesn't happen in IE.

      Suggestions as to what is happening? I thought maybe the download of the
      first was throttling the download of the second, but it appeared not to be
      (I put a little rate limiting on the server). Am I going to have to jump
      back and forth between the two components pausing them so the other can gasp
      for bandwidth? And, if so, suggestions on what I can do to tell the
      FLVPlayback component to stop downloading for a bit?

      Only needs to work in flash 8!

      Thanks for points,