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    i have just downloaded creative cloud


      Hi I have just downloaded my new version of lightroom and photoshop cc  on my iMac and wondered

      if i can duplicate all my 986 photos that i have for editing into the version which i have downloaded on my macbook air and in future will any photos added to either device or deleted if i decide to delete some will be Sync between each device.

      Anyone with a answer please

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I understand your question correctly, Lightroom CC should see your catalog from the previous version, and prompt you to create an updated copy. This will bring all of the work that you have done previously into a new copy of the catalog that is compatible with Lightroom CC, and your work can simply continue.


          Each computer must have its own catalog. You cannot synchronize catalogs between two computers. You might consider putting your catalog and your images on an external hard drive that you can connect to either computer. Or, you can use Lightroom Mobile on your supported mobile device to edit collections that you choose to synchronize with Lightroom Mobile.

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            ivanbrown Level 1

            Thanks for your reply