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    every time i start to play a video, i'm prompted to "install updated flash player" when i have done both an online version update and a clean install..  what is causing this notice ?


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      • Your operating system & version :  WINDOWS XP PRO w/SP3
      • Your web browser(s) & version : SRware IRON v35 (Chrome 35.0.1900.0)
      • Your Flash Player version :
      • Explain your problem in step-by-step detail if possible: When i click on a video or navigate to a streaming source, a small pop-up appears in the middle of the address bar stating that i "need to install flash player" yet i know i've installed it and even the adobe version check page shows the number of my installation, and i'm able to see the animated tree in the adobe test page..  if i click "allow this time" the message accepts this and uses my current version, which is supposedly obsolete - not !  this may sound trivial until you've had to do it 50 or 75 times, then it's not annoying, it's irritating !