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    Still Can't Undo or Save

    Marshall Hopkins

      Within a couple of minutes of opening an Indesign file, with no warning, I will not be able to Undo or Save. Those options are greyed out in the menu as well. I can export to Idml, but it's the lack of undo that is killing me. I know this was a known bug supposedly fixed with the latest release, but It's still happening to me and I've upgraded to Indesign CC 2015. 



      • I'm on a relatively old Mac 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.
      • I don't have any outside plugins except any that might come with Suitcase 4.
      • I had it happen once before, back with CS 6, but it was quickly solved exporting out and restarting.
      • I've manually reset the Caches, and Preferences. Which works for a few seconds.


      Anyone know more about this issue?