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    When rolled over, things that moved earlier in the animation lock to top left corner.


      Hello everyone,


      I'm doing some advertising work with Edge now that Flash is being taken out to pasture, and I've come across something very odd.


      Let's say, for example, I have a clickable button that fades in from the bottom of the stage. Then, after it reaches its resting place, it should be able to be changed via the Code panel. So, what I've done is attach some javascript to my stage that is telling the button to scale up by 10% when the mouse enters the stage and revert back when it leaves. However, and this only affects things that have moved prior, having a rollover causes the image to lock to the top left. I can't explain it.



      There is my edge project. Can someone please provide insight as to what might be causing the issue? I've tried this in Edge CC 2014 and Edge CC 2015.