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    Export to Word fails

    Googun Level 1
      Most of my help projects are exported to Word at some point for editorial review. This works fine except on one project. When exporting this problem project, the process fails on any number of topics and always with the glossary. It looks like the project is damaged in some way, though it builds fine as Web help and HTML help. here's what the log says:

      Warning: The Word Document became corrupt when attempting to append a malformed topic: mytopic.htm'
      Failed to process 'mytopic'...
      Fatal Error: Word Document got corrupt. Abort building 'References'.
      Failed to build 'References'...
      Failed to build 'References'...
      Failed to build one or more chapters.
      Building 'Glossary'...
      Failed to build 'Glossary'...

      I've replace 'mytopic' but the errors remain. The source code does not seem to be the problem. also, the export fails on various other topics too. If I exclude the glossary the export fails anyway on any number of topics. As soon as an error occurs, Word fails to respond. The only way out at that point is to kill the applications via Task Manager.

      The project is huge - about 1000 topics and plenty of hyperlinks between them. I don't want to have to import them into a new RoboHelp project unless all the links remain intact.

      I am using RoboHelp 5.02x on Windows XP on a computer with ample resources.

      Any suggestions would be very welcome!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Try right clicking on Single Source Layouts and creating an additional Print Layout. Exclude the offending topic and see what happens.

          What template are you mapping to? Try Style Mapping.

          After that take a look at the Print Issues topic on my site to see if anything looks relevant.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            You could also create several SSLs, each of which generates a portion of the project. If you have topics grouped into folders, even better.

            If you must have a single document, then just append all the Word docs after running all the SSLs (and by the way, you can batch generate any combination of SSLs).

            Good luck,
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              Googun Level 1
              Thanks ( and to MergeThis).
              I've tried what you suggested. Am using several SSLs and style mapping. It now converts correctly and is quicker about it too. Although we do need single document output, most of our reviewers here can work with smaller documents, which I will make as required :-)
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                If you were not already using Style Mapping, try using that with your original layout. There's a good chance it will work.