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    "An update to your Adobe Digital Editions is available" message appears each time I open ADE 4.0.3


      I don't believe the two issues are related, except to provide a time frame for when the message started appearing, but after Mozilla blocked Adobe Flash Player in Firefox 39.0 and then restored the plugin when version was released earlier this month, I started receiving "An update to your Adobe Digital Editions is available" message each time I opened ADE 4.0.3.   The "Adobe Digital Editions update" message continues on to say:


      The Adobe Digital Editions update includes:

      Click here to see complete list of new features

      Updating takes under a minute on Broadband.  No restart is required.


      'Update' button + 'Remind Later' button

      Clicking on the "Click here" link does not open a browser window or tab.  Clicking on the "Update" button does not produce any response whatsoever.  I haven't even bothered trying to click on the "Remind Later" button because I receive the message each & every time I open ADE, which I've used for years to read eBooks on my Windows 7 laptop just fine before now.

      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling version 4.0.3 for Windows (which is the latest version of ADE!), but I still get the same message.  Can anyone help me resolve this issue?