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    Lightroom insists I'm printing on 13x19 paper when I'm not

    Duncantho Level 1

      I have an Epson R2280 printer, which can handle sizes up to 13x19" (Super B). Sometimes I want to print on smaller sheets, say US Letter. I choose US Letter in (OS X) Page Setup. I select Lightroom template "(1) 8x10". Lightroom's ruler shows 11 inches on one edge, 8 ½ inches on the other. I size the image appropriately. What comes of the printer is my sheet of US Letter with just the top left-hand side of the image — and lots of white margin to the left and right of it. What remains of the photo is scaled to the correct size but it's not in the right place. Imagine a centered print on a sheet of 13x19 that has subsequently had the bottom and the right-hand side cut away.


      I've had this problem since LR4. I now have LR6 and it's still there. I've moved on from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. I've followed suggestions to create a custom template. No difference. I've printed to PDF, which presumably bypasses the Epson print software. I get an image centered in a 13x19 space.


      Printing is fine from Photoshop, so Epson tell me the problem must be with Lightroom.


      It occurs to me some Library file may be corrupt. But which one and how to replace it? I don't consider dumping my catalog data practical. Easier instead to export to Photoshop and print from there — but inconvenient.


      I'd really appreciate help.