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    Most recent (July 2015?) list of approved BluRay burners?

    pdk-midwest Level 1

      I upgraded from Premier Elements 11 to 13, largely because I kept getting "device error" failures, after my computer spent more than an hour of grinding away on a Bluray disc compilation.

      I was startled, even stunned,  to see that the list of BluRay burners (which I found tonight, on the Adobe website) has not been updated at all, for YEARS!!

      It is limited to:

      LG BE06LU10 / LG Bluray Writer‐GCW H20L / LG GGW‐H20 / LG GBW‐H10NB / Lite On 2X Blu‐ray Disc Triple Writer / Pioneer BDR-202 / Pioneer BDC‐2202 / Samsung SH‐B022A / Sony BWU‐200s

      Most of those models are NO LONGER EVEN AVAILABLE!!.

      Surely SOMEONE has created an updated list of reliable and consistent burners that will work >90% of the time, instead of bombing 50% of the time.

      If so, where can I find that list?

      If not, then why not, and will Adobe ever face up to that need, and recommend burners that users can actually buy?

      I'm going to be buying a new burner soon, and I want to make dang sure that it is one that has already been tested, with Premier Elements 13.