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    Upgrade GPU to reduce render/export times. Suggestions?


      O.K., Background info:


      Currently I have a single Xeon 5660 cpu board, 16gb ram, and a overclocked GTX570. I want to upgrade this. My two goals are to help smooth out real time playback, and (more important) reduce render/export times. I have read through these threads till my head hurts. So now I am just asking for help, cause I cannot find a direct answer.

      Now, I already have a dual CPU board I am upgrading to (adding an additional Xeon), along with additional ram. I understand that this should help smooth out playback while editing.

      My system already uses multiple SSD and raid drives for reading/rendering/program, and I am not even close to bottlenecking there, according to the numbers I am seeing while rendering.


      I want to upgrade to an additional GPU (I understand Premiere can use two GPU's while exporting), and I was going to add an additional overclocked 570, but it is no longer officially supported. Not sure how important that is. Would I be better off just upgrading to a single GTX 770 (or other card...suggestions would be great)? Or would I be o.k. with the dual oc' 570's? Someone told me that the overclocked 570's are better than some of the new cards for rendering...not sure how true that is.


      Anyway, I am on a budget, so my choices are really only to add another 570, or to replace it with a single (under $300) GPU. Any help or suggestions would be great. Really need to sped up my workflow!!

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          If you need to speed up things, you need to increase memory to 32 GB.Adding another GPU is a waste of money.

          The CPU is one of an older generation and adding one is also very costly and requires upping memory to 64 GB, while the performance gain is limited.

          See Tweakers Page - Exporting Style and Tweakers Page - What video card to use?

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            Havensdad Level 1

            Thanks for the info and the links. They are very helpful! I am definitely going to max out my ram.


            Reading them, though, it looks like a video card would be helpful in my situation. I do a lot of frame rate changes (mostly converting non-24 fps camera footage to 24 fps...I do this on just about every project I work on) and scaling (2k to 1080, or even 1080 to 720). Also, while export time is most important, I would also like to stop the jittery playback while editing, and it seems the video card would help that, according to the link (I use virtually no third party plug-ins).


            As to the CPU, 3 years ago it would have been expensive (since the 6 core Xeons ran around 1000 bucks a piece), but not today. Adding the additional CPU will end up costing me much less than 200 bucks. Far cheaper than any other upgrade I can do.

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              While the 570 is not slow at all, you may consider replacing it (not adding it) for a GTX 970 if you have added the 2-nd CPU and increased memory to 64 GB.

              Adding a 970 to the 570 means that half the acceleration is done by the 570 and the other half by the 970, effectively lowering performance over a single 970, because the dual CPU's are too slow to feed the 970 to full capacity.