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    auto analyzer doesn't run

    williams96813794 Level 1

      The first time I ran it, it went to 99% and stopped.  From then on it won't even start running.  Any idea's

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, go to the Organizer preferences and make sure the Auto Analyzer is turned on.


          If it is, then just let it go.


          Initially the program will run a scan of your computer, gather and inventory of your media and update any old catalogs -- which can take a day or so. But, after that, it should work silently in the background. You shouldn't even notice is as it continues to gather and analyze media as you add it to your computer.


          Most of its work will be done when the computer is on but you're not working. So, if you're like me and you leave the computer on pretty much 24 hours a day (letting it sleep whene it wants to) the Organizer is doing its work when you're not watching. But, if you're someone who only turns on the computer when you're using it and then you turn it off right away, it's probably not able to do much.


          But overall, if you don't notice it, it's probably working!

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements, and what computer operating system involved?


            Where are you involved with the AutoAnalzyer

            a. On demand basis using Run AutoAnalyzer in project media area?

            b. AutoAnalzyer as part of a dedicated feature - if so which feature?


            Are AutoAnalyzer options enabled or disabled in the Elements Organizer preferences?


            When you say that "it won't even start running.", does that mean for the same file or any file?

            If you start a new project, does the problem exist?


            Please supply more information. Probably best to start by deleting the Premiere Elements settings file....but need details to write the path to it.

            Do you have installation files or disc and purchased serial number if it comes to an uninstall/reinstall?



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              williams96813794 Level 1

              Thanks Steve, as a new user I have a long way to go but I'm working at it.  I watched a video for the auto analyzer on an earlier version (10) and I'm running 13.  It indicated that I would be able to see a result after it runs on a scanned item but I'm not seeing anything.  In one case on a large file it runs to 99% and doesn't finish even after a day at it.  On a smaller file it says "completed".  I have an issue that so far I'm not having much luck in resolving. I have uploaded to my computer large digital video files can came from an old Sony Tape Video camera.  Some files are as much as 2 hours long with many different scenes.  I have already set up folders on my computer to put the various scenes into and was hopeful that this software would allow me to truely segment the orginal long file into smaller scenes which I could give new file names based on the scene.  I now know that's not possible but I have seen that if I load the long scene into the edit program it does break up the scenes in the timeline.  I don't know if it's possible to move those scenes into albums in the program as that would accomplish what I need as well.  I was hoping that the auto analyzer would give me some tools to do something like that.  I have to use old software to even get the files on the computer and it would be very difficult to try and use it to segment the individual scenes.  I have brught up some issues that most people don't have to face but I have many hours of video that I've gotten off tape that now needs to be put into some format that other people can enjoy.  Thanking you in advance,

              Bill Stokes

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Is this a whole separate issue from the Auto Analyzer, Bill? If so, it might be best to address it in a separate thread, just so we don't run into a lot of cross-discussion.


                That said, are you just asking how to break a long movie into smaller parts?


                Also, you say you got your video from an "old Sony Tape Video camera." Can you be more specific? Sony camcorders shoot in analog VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, miniDV and HDV tape. And, if it was originally analog video, how did you digitize it into computer files? How you do what you want to do may be based on what format of video we're dealing with.