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    Package for non-professionals


      Hello, I want to give my opinion on plans currently handled. In my case for example, I am not a professional using these products adobe, much less I should "invest" their products (paying each month) and would not recover any of the money because I do not dedicate myself to this. I wanted to express my opinion on that package should be some out for people like me who do not like to see us on the need to use products without paying (pirate) or something similar, there was a package for people like me who just have to time and for fun photoshop opens and modifies an occasional photo, but only for that diversion. One idea that occurs to me is to come down the price perhaps in some new package with just photoshop or for the same price of $ 10 instead of a month out longer or even guiding me by the principle that will not use both the program ( photoshop) a day had a certain amount of time, for example, 2 hours daily, once finishing time must wait 24 hours, that's his approach to only give my opinion on something that I think they need to have.