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    update didn't install



      Still at preview 1 on windows

      Have MacBook pro (OSx) and PC (Windows 7 pro)

      The latest update did not install on my on my PC for some reason

         (P.S. I did install the update for A.E. 2015.0.1  (

      But it worked fine on my MAC - I have now preview 2

      Any suggestion !

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Can you try restarting your machine, and then retrying the update again?

          Can you try launching Character Animator, choosing Help > Updates, and seeing if updating via that way makes a difference?


          If those don't work, we'd need to get some additional information to troubleshoot the issue:


          1. Quit the Creative Cloud and Character Animator applications.
          2. In your :\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\ folder, open the AdobeUpdaterPrefs.dat file in a text editor.
          3. Look for a line near the top of the file that says: <LogLevel>2</LogLevel>   and change the 2 to 10
          4. Save the file.
          5. Launch the Creative Cloud application, then try the update again.
          6. If it fails, just quit the update, archive the files (in the :\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0\ folder) with .log in the name to a single .zip file, then send me a link to them. Please send the link via direct message.



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            Canuc007 Level 1

            I Jeff


            Thunderstorm last night  (After posting this question)


            I add to power off my PC


            So, after reading your answer today, I simply started Character Animator (Preview 1) and retry the update again.

            This time Updater, found that C.A. needed to update.


            That's what I did, and it worked


            I did not try any of the other option you gave me.


            Thank you very much

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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              OK, glad it was that simple. :-) Hope Preview 2 works well for you.

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                alis17694066 Level 1

                I had a similar issue, except Adobe Character Animator didn't even show up as an option in After Effects. I just downloaded the free-trial and it wasn't there. However, it did download when I downloaded it on my laptop. Do you know what's going on? Thank you for your help in advance!

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                  Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                  Hi Ali... If you installed After Effects CC (2015) after Character Animator Preview 2 was released (on July 27, 2015), then the Creative Cloud application will automatically update you to the latest version of each (After Effects 13.5.1 and Character Preview 2 (1.0.2)). When you install After Effects CC (2015), it'll automatically install Character Animator. There is no separate Character Animator entry in the Creative Cloud application. If you have additional questions, please start a new forum thread. Thanks.

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                    alis17694066 Level 1

                    Hey Jeff,


                    Thank you so much for your quick response. I don't think that's the issue. I downloaded it just last week, so it was in August. Here's a screenshot of where Adobe Character Animator should be shown. It doesn't even show it.


                    Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.44.02 AM.png

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                      Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                      Hi Ali... Your screenshots shows After Effects CC 2014, not 2015. :-)

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                        alis17694066 Level 1

                        Thank you:) Do you know how I can update it to the 2015 version?

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                          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                          It's available via the Creative Cloud application. You might need to sign out of the Creative Cloud application (in Preferences) then back in for the update to appear, although I'd assume it'd already be available by now if you've restarted your machine since the end of July.


                          If you already have Character Animator, you should already have After Effects CC 2015 on your machine.