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    How to get Lightroom CC 2015 to call up Photoshop CC 2015? (Windows)


      I know this has been an ongoing problem for some other people, but for some reason it never affected me.  Now it does.


      I retained my earlier Photoshop versions for two reasons:  I needed the last x86 version for a couple of plugins, and I wanted to port all my x64 plugins to Photoshop CC 2015 before making any deletions.


      Ok, now I have all Photoshop CC 2015 plugins working, and am in the testing phase (still haven't deleted any old Photoshops).  I cannot get Lightroom CC 2015 to call up and send photos to Photoshop CC 2015.  It always wants to call up a previous version of Photoshop.


      I tried a Windows registry change I saw on these forums.  That didn't work.


      I tried renaming the older Photoshop versions to trick Lightroom into searching for Photoshop CC 2015.  That didn't work either.


      I know some people report success with reinstallations of the programs, but I'm unsure which program to reinstall; or in the case of both, which first?


      If I manually open Photoshop CC 2015 first, Lightroom will send the file to the open program.  That is one solution, but I'm hoping for the more elegant, expected procedure if possible.


      Thanks for any help.