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    Flash publishing

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      Now this might not be the right location for this question so please accept my apologies in advance if its not.



      AS2 Code Base

      The problem I have is that the code base I have is enormous and I'm upgrading from Flash 8 to CS5

      The build process in Flash 8 is pretty straight forward and works albeit very slow.

      Now that I've moved over to CS5, I'm getting compile time issues. The build process is either timing out, throwing build errors or just wont build.


      Can anyone suggest an alternative as so I can build my very large AS2 framework in a more efficient way?

      Or can anyone point me towards a CS5 publishing guide which will highlight specific coding/publishing rules to be followed?


      What I'm looking for is a way that I can compile my AS2 library without compile time issues or it failing to build. Any help would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.