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    Help redirecting my site

    bernardotorres90 Level 1

      Guys I'm building a website for a client on Muse, and I advised him to get a BC account because he wanted secure zones and control over the content. He did.


      BC created this secure site for him upon registration, and I added the domain he bought on another registrar (with an up and running website), change the name servers and all that. Problem is, now when I type in the domain to access to website, it is beign redirected to the secure site BC created, a blog about sofas.


      I'm attaching 2 prints. The secure site BC created is called Alegria, and the site I want is the mareassetmanagement. On the options, I can't even see the pages of MY website, just the secure one.


      Please help, the site CAN NOT be offline, and the client is paying.

      Here's a link: www.mareassetmanagement.com


      If I try to upload directly from Muse it works, but it uploads to MY BC account because it was built with my Adobe account on Muse.