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    Is there another directory to install scripts in Illustrator?


      Recently, I wrote a VBScript that can save whatever work is done in Illustrator as an SVG file and then open it up using another program. My script works perfectly well but that's not why I'm here.


      I would like the other program that opens up the SVG to be able to install the script from within. That means, this other program should have a button where you just click 'install Illustrator extension' and then it copies over the VBScript to the /Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CC 2015/Presets/Scripts folder. Right now, the program is a java executable and in theory it should work. The problem is that I get access denied every time I try to install the script. If I run the program as an administrator it all works fine though, but I would like my users to not have to run the program as administrator.


      My question is if there is a way that I can install a script for Illustrator on a path that is not through /Program Files/ since this requires special permissions? Is there another directory on the user's home that Illustrator could check for loading onto the scripts menu? Shouldn't there be, like if different users on the same computer want to have different extensions what do they do?