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    Blurb, how to delete a cover page



      I have an issue wherein Lightroom won't allow me to delete an additional page created using the book/Blurb option. 


      I have a deadline of tomorrow evening, and have spent a week asking Blurb direct, although they don't have a solution and suggested I contact Adobe Lightroom direct for a solution. 


      After finishing creating my book I added an extra page, unfortunately I had been reviewing the cover of the book at the time, and a cover-page was created instead of a regular page.  As far as I can tell there is no way to delete a cover page (strange but still..).  Blurb advised me that it is not possible to create two cover pages as Lightroom will not allow it.  This is not the case though and I am really needing a trouble shoot to this issue (aside from the regular delete options that I have tried again and again).  I use LR 5 on a Mac.