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    No face movement recognition


      I'm trying this new toy but, for some reason, the red monster character of the tutorial is not recognizing my face movements. Is it because somekind of setting that I have to do with my webcome or what?

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          Hosterjack Level 1

          Give more specific information:
          Did you actually select the monster from the timeline? Are the red dots around your face appearing (once you clicked on the "Set rest pose" button it should work)?

          To make the puppet move, you also need the marker on a position in time where the monster is present (the light blue bar on the right of the Red Monster tag in the timeline).

          In this pic, I clicked on the "Start here" button in the Welcome window and then listened to the tutorial, then paused it when the red monster appeared and selected it to make it move with my face after I clicked the Set Rest Pose button.


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            Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

            In addition to what Alessandro mentioned: -- Make sure you have video showing up in the Camera & Microphone panel. As of Preview 2, playback needs to be stopped to see the video. If the software is detecting the wrong camera (assuming you have multiple video capture devices), use the Switch to Next Camera command in the Camera & Microphone panel menu to try different cameras. -- Make sure the puppet track in the Timeline panel is selected, and that the playhead is above it. A puppet won't respond to external inputs (webcam, mic, mouse, keyboard) unless it's selected/armed. If those suggestions still don't work, please provide more info and a screenshot. Thanks.

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              danielb87664154 Level 1

              Actually that was the thing that happened, ha ha. I thought that the tutorial automatically selects for me the monster but I saw that was me who had to select it. Anyway, maybe is something that in the tutorial has to be pointed (for those ones who are no so familiar with some basics of AE or CH timelines).


              Thank you so much for your answers

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                Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                That Getting Started project (which opens when you click Start Here!) should have the puppet tracks selected/armed by default, but if you click away from them they get deselected. The "Scene - 2. Recording" does mention to select the character in the Timeline panel to control it, but we should consider conveying that as well in the first scene. Thanks for the feedback!