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    iPhoto transfer problem


      I am operating a MacBook Pro on OS X version 10.9.3 and just subscribed to Adobe photography programs. I was using iPhoto version 9.5.1. I wish to move my rather large iPhoto database so that I may view and edit in Lightroom/Photoshop. My hope is that I can import and the photos tagged with keywords will transfer with keywords intact.


      I ran the plug-in extras: "Import from iPhoto library", and my initial finding was that my available hard-drive space was too small. I have backed up all photos on an external hard drive and removed unused items from my computer to free up available space. I also manually extracted photos from the masters folder within the iPhoto library (those photos without key-wording) to reduce the size of the iphoto library.


      According to my computer when I select "Info" on my iPhoto catalog it reads that the size of the file is 225GB and I have more space than that available on my computer. However, when I re-ran the import selection within Lightroom it still cites that the space needed to move the iPhoto catalog is 393GB, almost twice the size of the entire iPhoto catalog. The masters folder alone is only 168GB. I have restarted the computer, optimized my iphoto library, etc. but it will not configure the actual size of the iPhoto library and I cannot import the photos.


      I really do not wish to manually move and relabel keywords for thousands of photos. Is there a way to fix this problem or move the masters folder while still keeping my keywords?


      Thanks in advance,


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom will contain images and previews as well as the database (catalog) so there will not be a direct correlation in size with the masters.


          A couple of suggestions:


          If you feel you will stop using or make less use of iPhoto after the transfer to LR, you could start by dragging the iPhoto Library from Pictures to an external hard drive.  If the copy proves successful you could delete from your internal drive to free up space.


          Consider moving in batches, perhaps starting with recent folders or events. If you export versions to the desktop they will get duplicates with the editing already done in iPhoto and if you choose to include IPTC metadata, that should ensure , keywords, captions etc. are embedded. From LR use Import >> Add