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    Element 3D - Slower in 2015

    chrisbrearley Level 1

      Not sure whether to post this here or over at video copilot so I'll probably do both.


      Basically, things are slower in 2015 13.5.1 than in 2014. Orbiting the camera provides less interactivity and the blue bar under the preview pane is constantly doing things. Opening up the same project in 2014 gives much smoother interactivity and much less blue bar activity. 2015 just feels heavy. It's not a huge amount, but it's enough for me to choose to continue using 2014 on this project. Disappointing really, feels like a backwards step. Are we paying the price in the comp viewer for the increased responsiveness in the rest of the interface?  


      Using the same version of the plugin (2.2) in both 2014 and 2015 on a Windows 8.1, 5820k, 64Gb RAM, 2 x nVidia 980ti.