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    Controlling reflowable ePub columns in ADE


      Hi there


      I've recently started creating ePubs with InDesign after working through Lynda.com courses. After fixing all the issues, one remains and I can't find a solution on the internet or in a course.


      Adobe Digital Editions will display some reflowable ePubs (which I did not create) with two (or even three) columns/pages when the window is large enough and the text is small enough. Adobe Digital Editions, however, displays my own ePub export as having a single column regardless of the size if the window or text.


      Which settings in InDesign allows me to control this? It seems different readers handle this differently. iBooks, for instance, always display two columns/pages, which I like. But I'd like ADE to do behave the same way when the window is large.



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          Yves Apel Level 3

          The short answer is:

          Press CMD+Shift+T in ADE or export your ePub as ePub 2.0.1 from InDesign.



          The longer answer:

          What you (and me too) see and define as columns, are simulated pages (Yeah, its not very obvious to know). The 2 up view in iBooks should also simulate pages, not columns. The same in ADE and other readers. With ePub 3, ADE has changed its default display behavior. With ePub 2, multi-page (2 or 3 "columns") layouts are shown by default and you need a special ADE related file to set it to single page view on every window size. With ePub 3, this special file has become deprecated/obsolete and Adobe has switched the default view to single page, where as you can switch it with CMD+Shift+T to the Double-Page View (and only 2).

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            Viva7 Level 1

            Thanks so much for your explanation! This makes perfect sense.