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    edit wddx using browser and save


      I was wondering if anyone knew of a tool or a way to visually display a wddx file using a browser with the ability to edit an element within the wddx file. Then be able to save the changes to the wddx file.
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          insuractive Level 3
          Why not just convert the WDDX to a coldfusion structure using <cfwddx>. That way you could build an HTML form from the structure keys - you could then edit the data in HTML fields and then on the form action page you could convert the data from the FORM collection back to WDDX. This would only work with simple data types in the WDDX packet. If you are using arrays, structures or recordsets in WDDX it might require some extra customization.
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            ArmchairDeity Level 1
            There's no automated tool to make this work... you'd have to roll up the HTML to display the contents of the WDDX file and then update your WDDX with the form values after it's submitted.

            You have a choice between treating WDDX as XML or as whatever type of variable it's describing, but you'd have to create the forms like you would with any other block of data.