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    Levels - what's up ?

      I have a movie that loads a "navs" .swf file to use for menu items - when items are selected they appear in another .swf file.

      When I use:
      myMCL.loadClip("Navs.swf", 999);
      //then from here
      myMCLloadClip("myfile.swf", 5);

      This works fine - the Navs are on top. But if I use:

      thiscreateEmptyMovieClip("mcNavsholder", 999);
      myMCL.loadClip("Navs.swf", mcNavsholder);
      //then from here
      thiscreateEmptyMovieClip("mcmyfileholder", 5);
      myMCLloadClip("myfile.swf", mcmyfileholder);

      This does NOT work - my Navs.swf file is under the other file.



      Rob Childress