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    HELP! Exporting for Kindle project

    susanb23057128 Level 1

      After getting lots of help from this wonderful forum, my CreateSpace print book is finally right! But now, I'm struggling with creating a Kindle version.


      Update: Tried exporting as epub and the fonts were a mess and still grey lines.


      Here is what I've tried:

      1. Exporting to PDF from InDesign either as high quality print OR web.

      2. Saving each individual page as either a PNG or JPG.

      3. Tried changing document size from 6x9 to Letter and then to Web. Using the Kindle Kids Book Creator to create the mobi file.

           * Tried the PDF which looks correct space-wise bis VERY fuzzy.


          * Tried saving as individual jpgs or pngs and got the errors below. Text was very clear, however.


      A. A gray line showing where the page ends shows up on many pages, on the side or bottom.

      B. There is too much space at the top.

      C. Full page images are not showing up full page.




      Could someone please give me any settings they would suggest for the InDesign file and PDF?