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    It is scriptable to unthread paragraphs [or lists] to obtain single text frames?

    camilo umana Level 1

      The method I use is to break a story in many pages, splitting a text frame through the menu «Keep options» + «Start paragraph» in next page, and later apply a script that unthread the whole text. But it involves a lot of time and work not to mention to have the unthreaded stories isolated in dozens of pages.

      But my known scripts to thread/unthread text perhaps only manage frames and never paragraphs.

      The idea is to convert this kind of paragraph/lists in four single stories

      Fig. 180 - Risks 2010-2014

      Fig. 181 – Devaluation  2009-2014

      Fig. 182 – Inflation 2008

      Fig. 183 – Average Consumer Price Index